Baby sleep tips

Baby sleep tips

You are slowly going out of your mind through lack of sleep! You’ve just gone through all the advice of the baby bedtime routine, lights are low, you’re keeping your voice quiet, baby is fed, changed and he has finally fallen asleep in your arms.


But........... 🤨

You now need to move your baby to their crib without waking them – we’ve all been there numerous times and keeping baby asleep during the transfer is a common struggle.

We could all do with some baby sleep tips!

🧡 These little tips are definitely worth trying - more to come soon!

Tip number 1 – Floppy Arm Test

Before moving him do the floppy arm test - Pick up his arm, if it falls heavy, he's ready and in a deep sleep. If it's still a bit stiff, wait a bit longer, it really will be worth that little wait.

Tip number 2 – Bottoms First

Once your baby is in the deep sleep stage move slowly, very slowly.

Make sure you have your baby’s back supported with your arm so they feel secure and then try lowering baby so that their bottom touches the crib first, then lower the upper half of their body.

This option makes it less likely that they will startle as you lower them, transfers can feel very like falling to a baby which can be scary!

Once they are down, place a hand on their chest or tummy and your other hand around their head, hold there and wait for them to settle in to their crib space.

Tip number 3 - How to reduce and stop startle reflex 

Swaddle your baby - swaddling mimics the mothers womb making your baby feel safe and secure, it also helps prevent them from flailing their arms which can trigger the startle reflex and cause baby to wake up.

 And breathe!

I hope one or all of these baby sleep tips help you and your little one to get a peaceful nights sleep! 

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Remember, you are doing a great job! x

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