What are the benefits of a baby sleeping bag?

What are the benefits of a baby sleeping bag?

Firstly, what is a baby sleeping bag?

It is essentially a purposely designed wearable blanket that will help your baby maintain the correct temperature overnight.

It also eliminates the need for any additional blankets, no longer will your baby be able to kick their covers off!


What are the benefits of a baby sleeping bag?

  • Sleeping bags allow your baby to move freely, wriggle and kick their arms and legs without restriction.
  • The baby sleeping bag ensures they stay at a safe temperature (when paired with the correct sleepwear) which removes any danger of them getting too hot and overheating. Be sure to check you are using the correct tog for your room temperature.
  • Baby sleeping bags eliminate the need to add any additional covers, which could come loose and cover your baby’s face, or see them end up in a tangle.
  • They are great to use wherever you are, so are great for sleep on the go and also for travelling.
  • They work really well for feeding your baby as you can simply lift them from their crib and place them back without them getting cold.
  • Your baby will come to associate their sleeping bag with nap times and bedtime, this helps to promote winding down and a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Baby sleeping bags offer peace of mind for parents who can relax knowing that their baby’s sleeping space is as safe as it can be.

Baby sleeping bag guide

It can be very confusing when you are looking how to choose a baby sleeping bag - my baby sleeping bags guide gives you some top tips.

Avoid baby sleeping bags that have extras such as sleeves or a hood. These make it more difficult to monitor your baby's temperature and could cause them to overheat. This could increase the risk of SIDs.

Ensure that the bag offers a good fit around the arm holes. Your baby should not be able to get their hands or arms inside the bag. To keep small babies safe additional poppers around the arm holes ensures a good, safe fit.

Baby sleeping bags should not be used in addition to additional blankets or duvets. This presents the danger of overheating which can put your child’s life in danger.

Look for baby sleeping bags which fit snugly across the chest but are roomy at the bottom. It is important that sleeping bags allow a baby to adopt a ‘frog-legged’ sleeping position as this helps to promote healthy hip development.

Never use a sleeping bag which has drawstrings or other strangulation hazards.

Ensure there are no uncomfortable tags or zips on the inside of the sleeping bag. These could irritate your baby and get in the way of a peaceful night’s rest.

Check you are using the correct tog rating. Baby sleeping bags come in different tog ratings so check you are using the correct tog for your babies room temperature.

BettyBugg baby sleeping bags

  • Our baby sleeping bags are lightweight, breathable and made from super soft 100% GOTs certified organic cotton. (more on GOTs soon!)
  • Organic cotton is the best choice for your baby’s sensitive skin, as well as being made in a more sustainable way than traditional cotton. 
  • The double zipper ensures a quick and easy change. You can keep baby cosy and warm at the top, but can unzip from the bottom of the bag for minimum disturbance.
  • The neck opening is comfortable and in line with safety standards. 

As every baby is different, please try on for size and ensure your baby's head cannot pass through the neck opening while fastened.

  • Arm holes are snug and comfortable with the adjustable poppers and the soft to the touch neck opening is in line with recommended safety standards.
  • Plenty of room to move their legs into the frog position and does not restrict hip movement.


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