Can I swaddle my baby in the summer?

Can I swaddle my baby in the summer?

It is proven that babies sleep longer and more soundly when swaddled and it is safe to swaddle in the summer but you must ensure you prevent overheating.

It makes sense that parents want to continue to swaddle in the summer, but, of course, with raised temperatures, your baby could get too hot.

Baby’s room should be between 16-20°C (61-68°F), this is not always possible to maintain during hot summer months.

As babies are unable to control their own body temperature you must be especially careful with what you dress them in under a baby swaddle.

  • Choose breathable, organic natural fabrics for underneath such as a cotton onesie, avoid heavier fabrics
  • During very hot nights avoid clothes, it is totally acceptable to swaddle in just a nappy.
  • You can also swaddle leaving most of their body uncovered. This keeps your babies’ legs exposed and cool but still keeps their upper body tight and secure
  • Make sure your baby's head isn't covered by a hat or the swaddle. Heat escapes through the head so keeping the head uncovered helps baby to stay cool and prevent overheating.

The safest and easiest way to ensure you swaddle your baby safely during the summer is to regularly watch for signs of overheating.

Swaddling is great for keeping your baby snug and happy as long as you have lightweight fabrics and aren’t letting baby overheat.

The Lullaby trust offers some great advice on safe swaddling.

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